There is now the option to upgrade your Jarvis Used Car Unlimited Kilometre Warranty from three years to five. By taking advantage of the Jarvis Upgraded Warranty, you will receive:

  • 5 year Unlimited Kilometre Jarvis Warranty
  • 5 year 24/7 Australia Wide RAA Road Service
  • 5 year fixed price servicing
  • In the event of a motor vehicle accident, free use of a car for up to three weeks
  • Warranty transferable

Now 5 Years5 Year Unlimited Kilometre Jarvis Warranty - Upgraded from 3 Years

Jarvis Used Vehicles feel like new with our complimentary three year, Australia Wide unlimited kilometre warranty. Our used car warranty applies three years from the date of delivery of your vehicle and with the Jarvis Upgraded warranty, will be extended to 5 years.. Up to $1000 per claim Australia Wide. You'll have real peace of mind knowing you're covered. Jarvis agrees under the terms of the Jarvis extended warranty, for a period of five years, to repair or replace the components listed below in the event of any failure. Conditions apply. Vehicle must be serviced regularly by Jarvis.

Parts covered:

  • Engine components
  • Front suspension
  • Electrical
  • Transmission
  • Drive-axle assembly
  • Braking system
  • Steering
  • Cooling system

Now 5 Years5 Year 24 / 7 Australia wide RAA Road Service - Upgraded from 3 Years

Whether you run out of petrol at Noosa or lock your keys in the car at Gawler, you won't be left stranded with our Free RAA Road Service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Valid for five years under the Jarvis Upgraded Warranty!


  • Flat Battery - Jump start Vehicle
  • Flat Tyre - Replace flat tyre with Vehicle’s spare (if available)
  • Out of Fuel - Supply 10 litres (unleaded)
  • Lock outs - Access car / Locksmith services available
  • Free Tow - 40km Metro / 64km Country (round trip)

Now 5 YearsFixed Price Servicing

We'll save you money, maintain your car in top condition and keep your Jarvis Warranty and RAA Road Service valid with our six month fixed price service, for the full term of your warranty. (Applies to vehicles not covered under manufacturer’s warranty).

Service Covers:

  • Change engine oil
  • Change oil filter
  • Minor engine tune
  • Replace spark plugs if required. Platinum spark plugs extra.
  • Check and top up fluid levels - automatic/manual transmission, brake/clutch, battery electrolyte, differential, windscreen washer
  • Check and report on cooling system
  • Check and report on front and rear brakes
  • Check and report on tyre pressure, wear and condition (including spare)
  • Check seatbelt operation
  • Check air conditioning operation (where fitted)
  • Check - headlights high and low beams, brakelights, tail lights, indicators and number plate lights
  • Inspect air filter
  • Check wiper/washer operation
  • Check and report suspension and steering mechanism
  • Check handbrake operation
  • Check and report radiator hoses and heater hoses
  • Check and adjust alternator, power steering, air conditioning and drive belts
  • Check exhaust for leaks and security
  • Lube doors
  • Road test Vehicle and report

Free Loan Car

In the event of a motor vehicle accident, free use of a car for up to three weeks. Why have the inconvenience of being without a car whille yours is being repaired… or even worse, driving one of those crash repair loan cars covered in sign writing!  We’ll supply you with a near new current model vehicle to suit your needs.

Transferable Warranty

If you choose to sell your vehicle privately, your five year warranty is fully transferable to the new owner… increasing your vehicle’s resale value!

Conditions apply. Vehicle must be serviced regularly by Jarvis and some parts are excluded. Refer to the Warranty and Road Service Terms for full details.

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