Waste Oil

Waste oil and coolant from our Service Departments is stored and collected regularly by an accredited waste disposal company. Oil filters are also stored, collected & recycled, along with the metal containers they are stored in, which is then turned into new steel and new steel products.

Oil RecoveryEvery year, the Jarvis workshops use thousands of litres of oil and lubricants to keep our customers vehicles running reliably. A by-product of this part of our business is the waste oil that is generated. The handling and disposal of our used oils is just as important as the delivery and storage of the fresh oil. All sites have equipment and processes in place to ensure that the waste oil is efficiently collected from the work bays and transferred to holding tanks for collection.

To put the issue into perspective, in 2015 Jarvis generated 188 000 litres of waste oil.

Transpacific CleanawayWe contract Transpacific/Cleanaway to safely pickup and dispose of this waste. They are legally required and are accountable to the Environment Protection Authority for every drop that they take from our sites. With the increased awareness of recycling and improvements in technology, what was considered a problem not many years ago has now become a valuable commodity.

New plant and technology has recently been commissioned by Transpacific to treat our old oil and turn it into a product referred to as “Fuel Grade Oil”, which has many applications for different businesses. As the oil is run through the refining process, ten percent is permanently lost, mainly because of contamination due to coolant, the removal of metal and additives and non-oil products being tipped into the waste tanks.

After all of our waste oil is processed, approximately 169 000 litres of new product is manufactured that can be used in such diverse applications as:

  • Food production in Port Lincoln
  • Port Augusta Power Station
  • Leigh Creek Mines
  • BHP and One Steel at Roxby Downs

The world that we operate in today is constantly changing and awareness of protecting the environment is increasing, and this process is a benefit to all of us.

Jarvis is a people driven company, focused on providing an environment which creates loyal, satisfied customers and staff.