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Vehicle Service | 25/01/2008
Just a quick email about my experience with the sales team at Gepps Cross. In one word they were BRILLANT, Matt especially.

I had the unfortunate experience of my cars fuel pump going after I arrived to purchase and trade in my car. This was quite distressing for me, but they helped me organize the repairs and gave me a loan vehicle until the new car was ready. This helped me a great deal as I was just in the process of starting a new job where I have to travel a lot. Any problems with the car were settled quickly and easy.

Just like to thank you for the no stress car deal and thought you might like to know that you have a GREAT SALES TEAM. I will not hesitate to recommend your company in the future.

Kind Regards


Vehicle Service | 23/01/2008
I would like to say thank you to you and your team at Jarvis.

We purchased a Ford Territory from Jarvis, Hillcrest in December 2007 and from the sales through to after sale service the experience has been FANTASTIC!

SMS to remind you of services, letters thanking us for doing business, little things fixed up quickly and with no fuss and just the nice things upon collection of our vehicle like a full tank of fuel and being shown right through the car and how it all works. (We didn't even buy a new car!)

We actually went in to Jarvis recommended by Kacc, Telstra, just to look and left with a car.

The sales guys - Nick Calabrese and Mark Lambert were excellent. The service people have been great and even the receptionist who answers the phone is polite and happy.

What a great team you have and the highest compliment we can pay you is to recommend Jarvis and trust me at every chance we get we have raved about the experience of being a Jarvis customer.

Well done and thank you!


Kerry and Jason Holding

Vehicle Service | 22/01/2008

I an writing to say I would like to congratulate you on employing a staff member the caliber of Colin Woods, we have been having some trouble with a vehicle recently purchased and today he managed clear the whole mess up to every ones satisfaction, he was most helpful and friendly and went out of his way to assist, returning calls in a very short space of time also, unfortunately something that does not happen a lot now days.

Again I would like to thank him and acknowledge his service as I always feel "give credit where it is due" too many like to complain in this day and age and forget to also give acknowledgement to good service.

Hope this is of help to your and you staff, (you were fixing my son Troy's car)


Garry Partridge

Vehicle Service | 19/01/2008
Dear Sir/Madam,

I would just like to write a brief note praising the way in which my husband and I were treated today when we went to test drive the Focus Cabriolet at Jarvis Ford Hillcrest.

We made the booking as a response to a promotion sent to me in the post. Although keen to test drive the vehicle I was a little apprehensive about the sales pitch which I was certain would follow.

I am very pleased to say that was not the case at all. We were treated with respect and kindness and we were not pressured in any way. We were politely asked if we were interested in talking figures and when we declined, the matter was not taken any further. And I still received my $75 beauty voucher.

I was very impressed with the 2 gentleman that took care of us, Christian and, sorry can’t remember the other gentleman’s name.

I would feel comfortable dealing with this company in the future should I be wanting to purchase a new vehicle.

Kind regards,

Kerry & Wayne

Vehicle Purchase | 19/01/2008
We are now writing to express our appreciation for the special effort that your company has provided... In particular we would like to recomment Nic Boddington for his consistently good customer service over this period.

Vehicle Service | 09/01/2008
I just picked up my ford escape form Jarvis ford Norwood where it had been in for a service. I would like to say I was very impressed with the car it almost felt like getting into a new car. The work done was way above my expectations.

Vehicle Purchase | 27/12/2007
During the Christmas holidays my wife and I drove to Adelaide from Wollongong. Whilst in Adelaide I noticed a shuddering in the rear of my 2004 Toyota Prado during tight turns such as carparks. This occurred during the holidya break and while we were 1400km from home.

Concerned that the problem could cause damage or a breakdown on our return journey, on the next working day (27 December) I rang the closest Toyota dealer - Jarvis Toyota. They wer kind enough to see the vehicle that morning. The engineer who tes-drove the vehicle immediately indentified the likely problem. The service theam were able to rectify the problem that morning (incorrect diff oil had been used at a previous service back here) although I didn't have a booking.

Vehicle Purchase | 19/12/2007
Thank you to Jarvis Ford for their prompt and professional manner in dealing with this matter and in particular thanks to Mr Jason Batten for his courteous and immediate attention... We would have no hesitation in recommending Jarvis Ford customer service.

Vehicle Service | 14/12/2007
Dear Mr Scherer

I would like to write a letter of appreciation and to acknowledge the Service that both my husband and I experienced recently.

I made contact with Jarvis Subaru and spoke to Cabe Scott several months ago over the phone. Mainly for general information on the cost to purchase a Liberty. I have had a couple of Subaru’s in the past and have always found them to be a very good motor vehicle. Seven years ago I had and accident and was unable to replace my Liberty. Needless to sa 1 purchased a 2000 VT Commodore, as this was what we could afford at the time for a change over. Over this period of time I continued to have a desire for another Liberty even though the VT was a very good car to have.

After speaking to Cabe the change over was above what we had budgeted for, so we decided to leave it for the time being. However, last Saturday you had a Run- Out-Sale and thought it would be good to enquire again. We saw Cabe in person and decided to look at our options, once again the change over was a little too high. What really impressed me was the fact that at no stage did we feel pressured, let down or intimidated. Cabe accepted our options, went in and spoke to his manager and came back to explain that the deal was not for them. Cabe also took the time to introduced his manager, who was also polite and accepted our decision to delay our purchase for another 6 months.

I work in the retail industry, and customer service is everything, and I would just like to say a big thank you for the wonderful service we had received that morning. As you are now aware, you yourself came into the picture and offered the deal to us.

I love my new Liberty and as hard as it was to let my VT go, I will never forget the great experience we had with Cabe. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising, and your organization will always come highly recommended.

Can you please acknowledge the good salesmanship that Cabe gave us and we wish him all the best for the future with Jarvis Subaru.

We look forward to our future relationship with your team in the service department of our new Liberty.


Marrianne & Neil Hookings

Vehicle Service | 13/12/2007
Dear Ric,

Having worked for an organisation in which I was charged with "changing the culture" or to be more precise, introducing an alien concept known as "client service", it is something I look for in any organisation. When Subaru was taken over by 'the dark side' as I thought back in United's day, I was quite apprehensive about dealing with Jarvis (for no other reason than the unknown). We had bought a Forester from there (United) and had it serviced, along with my young daughter's Impreza (privately bought) - and still do to this day. When my eldest daughter married, we gave her and her husband our Forester, and reverted to driving our 1949 Morris Minor (at least by comparison). Our intention was to buy a new car; Subaru, Citroen, Honda, Renault, Lear Jet, or Ferrari.

We called in to Jarvis one day when we had been seriously considering buying a Honda, as I discovered later that a Lear Jet was out of the question, due to a few minor technicalities - I couldn't afford one; neither of us had a pilot's licence and we had no room in our carport for said jet. Despite previous inquiries re suitable stock, we drove past Jarvis and decide to "look around". A very pleasant young man named Matthew (I am sure you will be familiar with him) approached us and we assured him that we didn't want a car today - we were 'just looking'. Matt put NO pressure on us to buy or make a decision (I will not be pressured by anybody), but 'walked us through' some options, such as what was available, trade in, etc. but you know all this, because you're in the trade. Matt was most respectful of our position and made us feel at ease. I always think that the buyer is in the box seat, as it is she/he who will buy the product; the vendor will do most anything to make a sale. I would like to iterate that Matthew was not overbearing or threatening in any way, and still was able to sell us a vehicle, despite us not actively looking for one (I have the patience of a Chinaman and the bank account of a Sudanese refugee). Despite much water under the bridge (Mr Rann would like half that amount), I would like to record my appreciation to you and Matt for the way in which the transaction proceeded (bearing in mind my opening comments about client service - Matt had it all!).

Secondly, I have mentioned that I have been taking vehicles to West Terrace for service for some time now. I was very pleased when Daniel fronted up to the service desk, as I had had dealings with him in the past. I am sure I do not intimidate Daniel, so what he does for me is what he would do for any client. I find him to be a great example of client service; he is courteous, patient, explains things thoroughly, and in general is the sort of person I would have in my starting line-up if I were in business. Dealing with the public can often be frustrating to say the least. They (we) have two simple rules: Rule 1: The customer is always right; Rule 2: If in doubt, refer to rule 1. We want our needs to be attended to first (yesterday if possible), at half the quoted cost (preferably at no charge at all), and when we say "jump" the staff will jump first and ask "How high?" after. Daniel seems barely old enough to be able to catch a bus on his own, but he has a maturity well beyond his youth.

I have no desire to advise others on how to conduct their business, as opinions are just like backsides - everybody has one. All I can offer is that if I had my own business, I would seek out people like Matthew and Daniel, and ensure that I kept them. I am related to neither, and should add that these days, I prefer to drop the vehicle at the service centre and wait for it, which may take up to a few hours. I have found the staff very polite, and am always offered coffee, juices, or anything else, by several staff members; alas no beer!

In closing, I would make two comments: your staff at West Terrace are appreciated by me at least (and probably many others who do not have time to write or ring), especially two young but very capable ambassadors for whom I have the greatest respect and secondly, I will let people know when service is not as I would expect it.

Poor client service is not an exclusive product of the public service, and word of mouth is a very powerful advertising medium.

Well done, Ric, and may your organisation prosper, and long may you benefit from the good work of your employees.

Yours Truly,

Steve Maycock

Vehicle Service | 12/12/2007
To whom it may concern

My wife and I recently purchased a used car through Jarvis Subaru on Kensington Road. We are thrilled with our purchase of a XT Lux Forester. As time passes we discover more things we like, not things that frustrate, and that is fantastic.

The reason for this email is to commend your sales team for the service they provided to my wife and I.

We had been looking for a new car for no less than 2 years, with no success in finding a compromise between the wants and needs of each of us. In our search we visited numerous different car yards, mostly new car sales, of various manufacturers. We have endured every sales technique, from the very pushy to the 'check it out yourself' inattentive. Therefore, dealing with Adam Tischer was a very enjoyable experience. He made us feel welcome to ask as many questions as we wanted, and as silly as some of them were, he dealt with all of them professionally and with honesty. He was approachable and attentive, and made what was a difficult and somewhat stressful experience, enjoyable and comfortable.

Again, thanks to the team at Jarvis, Kensington Rd, and in particular to Adam.

Cheers, and may you all have a Safe and Merry Christmas
Lachlan & Kelly

Vehicle Service | 11/12/2007
Nino has been very professional and more than helpful. 10 / 10 compared to other major dealerships .

We would definately comment Nino to friends and family. The whole event has been a pleasure due to Nino's good humour and professionalism.

Jarvis is a people driven company, focused on providing an environment which creates loyal, satisfied customers and staff.

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