About the Jarvis Used Car Free Extras

With every used vehicle sold at Jarvis, you have complete peace of mind knowing you will receive the Jarvis Free Extras.

3 Year Unlimited Kilometre Jarvis Warranty

Jarvis Used Vehicles feel like new with our complimentary three year, Australia Wide unlimited kilometre warranty. The Jarvis warranty commences upon delivery of your vehicle (or expiry of any Manufacturer's New Vehicle Warranty, if later) and applies until three years after first delivery of your vehicle.

The Jarvis extended warranty is not as extensive as the manufacturer’s warranty, however it does cover most of the major components of your vehicle. It is given to you free of charge to ensure your purchase with Jarvis provides genuine value for money and peace of mind motoring. Up to $1000 per claim.

Conditions apply. Vehicle must be serviced regularly by Jarvis and some parts are excluded. Refer to the Warranty and Road Service Terms for full details.

3 Year Fixed Price Service

When you purchase a quality used vehicle from Jarvis, you will enjoy the added benefits of 3 years of Fixed Price Servicing. This will provide you peace of mind and your vehicle is maintained in top condition and keeps your free 3 year unlimited kilometre Jarvis Warranty and 1 year RAA Roadside Assistance valid. Fixed Price servicing costs are $279 for passenger vehicles, SUV’s and light commercial vehicles with 4WDs costing $379.

Find out more about the 3 Year Fixed Price Service

1 Year Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance

Whether you run out of petrol at Noosa or lock your keys in the car at Gawler, you won’t be left stranded with our Free 24/7 Roadside Assistance

Valid for one year. Vehicle must be serviced regularly by Jarvis. Refer to the Warranty and Road Service Terms for full details.

Exclusions from Base Services
Base Services do not include:
  • Mechanical repairs beyond those provided at the Breakdown location.
  • Towing of vehicles where the vehicle’s physical dimensions exceeds 5.5 metres in length, 2.3 meters in width, 2 metres in height or wheel span of 1.8 metres and exceeds 3 tonnes.
  • Towing of modified vehicles that require Special/Heavy Towing Equipment.
  • Tyre changing on vehicles exceeding 3 tonnes gross weight.
Exclusions from Services
The Services do not include:
  • Repairs or towing for Vehicles damaged as a result of an Accident. If RAA receives a call from a User involved in an Accident, RAA will provide the User with the Accident Towing Authority contact details.
  • Towing of Vehicles that have been dismantled.
  • Towing from and to restricted locations.
  • Vehicles that have been defected by the police and/or authorised government officer are only entitled to Services where the Breakdown is not related to the defect. Towing is not available where the defect is the cause, or is related to, the Breakdown.
  • Services or towing are not available for unregistered Vehicles.
  • Vehicles participating in specifically convened organised events (such as rallies) involving road closures or official traffic controls are excluded from Roadside Assistance. Benefits are available only when travelling to and from such events.
  • Service or towing of Vehicles if home repairs have been undertaken.
  • Towing from a repair facility.
  • Service for battery-related faults where the Vehicle’s battery cannot be easily and quickly replaced by a Service Provider. The User/Vehicle will be directed to an approved workshop for battery fitment or repair.
  • Vehicles that have been driven on against RAA or a Service Provider’s advice or the advice of a qualified repairer.
  • Off-road rescue.

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