Suzuki has Eyes on the Prize for Safety

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Suzuki has Eyes on the Prize for Safety

Suzuki has supplied Kizashi and Grand Vitara owners with a set of eyes in the back of their head for increased safety when reversing.

The latest versions of Suzuki’s award winning SUV and prestige saloon now feature a reversing camera.

It will be standard in Kizashi Sport and Prestige and Grand Vitara Sport and Prestige.

“Suzuki continues to be at the forefront of providing customers with technology designed to not only suit their lifestyle, but maximise safety” said Suzuki Australia General Manager Tony Devers.

“Statistics show a number of accidents occur when reversing. We are delighted to offer the new Kizashi and Grand Vitara with this potentially life-saving feature.”

“This latest addition combines seamlessly with the new integrated touch screen infotainment system that comes standard with those models,” he said.

The system combines a 6.1-inch high-resolution touchscreen display with a full-featured infotainment platform, including AM/FM/CD radio, multi-media playback, Bluetooth hands-free connectivity, and Garmin's award-winning navigation.

The intuitive user interface with advanced voice control makes it easy to operate the system and switch between functions.

Music and media is integrated in numerous ways, providing users a wide range of options to choose from.

This includes an AM/FM radio and CD player as well as several interfaces that allow user to play music from external devices such as a mobile phone or iPod, including a USB and auxiliary jack, wireless streaming and an SD card slot.

The system combines an intuitive navigation system, providing hassle-free road guidance with spoken turn-by-turn directions and street names, lane guidance, speed limits and current speed displays, millions of points of interest, a customizable data menu and many other features.

The navigation system has access to vehicle speed sensors to provide precise location information even when a GPS signal is not available.

When switching to other menus, such as the music player, navigation directions will continue with visual cues displayed at the top of the screen.

The integrated Bluetooth technology allows users to make calls hands free, and also downloads all contacts in the paired phone.

Best of all, each of these functions can be accessed with full voice control to help eliminate driver distraction.

This includes all the integrated functions, such as navigation, radio, CD player and basic telephone functions.

“Suzuki owners can now – with the press of a button and a simple voice command – dial a phone number, tune into a radio station or locate a point of interest without taking their hands off the wheel, or eyes off the road,” said Devers.

Alternatively, users can select to use the touch screen to enter telephone numbers, search for contacts, select music sources or tune radio stations.

The camera is automatically engaged when reverse gear is selected, providing a wide angle view of the area immediately behind the vehicle.

Devers cautioned against relying on reversing cameras and sensors alone. He said it was important drivers continued to be aware of their surroundings, especially when backing out of driveways.

"We would always encourage drivers that, as well as looking at the reversing camera, they pause, check their rear-view mirror and look over their shoulder as a final step before reversing, to avoid any unnecessary collisions," he said.

About Suzuki Australia
Suzuki Australia Pty Ltd was founded in 1980 by parent company Suzuki Motor Corporation (SMC) and currently markets its vehicles in Australia through a network of approximately 90 automotive dealerships and numerous other motorcycle and ATV distributors.

With global headquarters in Hamamatsu, Japan, SMC is a diversified worldwide automobile, motorcycle and outboard motor manufacturer. In 2011, SMC sold more than 2.9 million new cars and trucks to be one of the top 10 global manufacturers. Founded in 1909 and incorporated in 1920, SMC has operations in 193 countries and regions.

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