Toyota 86 named Car of the Year by Top Gear Magazine

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Toyota 86 named Car of the Year by Top Gear Magazine

Toyota's 86 sports coupe, which is winning worldwide acclaim, has now been named Car of the Year 2012 by Britain's Top Gear magazine.

In a clean-sweep at the awards, the 86 was also named Coupe of the Year and Top Gear TV personality Jeremy Clarkson's personal Car of the Year.

Toyota 86In taking the titles, Toyota's newest sports car confirmed its status as one of the most exciting new models of 2012.

More than that, it is priced to be affordable for many drivers, rather than being an exotic supercar reserved for the ultra-rich.

When Toyota set about creating the 86, the guiding principle was that it should be a car devoted to the pure passion of driving.

Charlie Turner, Top Gear editor, said: "This is a fantastic achievement. For a car to win a Top Gear Award is recognition of a truly exceptional vehicle. Only the remarkable are considered for a Top Gear Award and this year the GT86 (as the car is known in Britain) has proved to be the stand-out machine."

The award follows on from the car's success in the magazine's Speed Week contest, featured in the August issue, in which it emerged the overall victor against competition from such exotic machinery as the McLaren MP4-12C, Porsche 911 Carrera S and Lotus Exige S.

At the time, Oliver Marriage, Motoring Editor, expressed how the 86 was more enjoyable to drive than its quicker rivals.

"Acceleration is fun, but the noise is as important as the kick in the back, and I'd rather spend 30 seconds wringing the GT86 up to speed than three seconds being pummelled by the McLaren. You have more time to enjoy it. You feel more like part of the process."

In the same report, senior writer Sam Philip said: "For driving thrills, this is my sort of performance car: good steering, nice crisp gear change, revvy engine. You can find its limits, slide it around, without fear of being inadvertently deposited in a loch..."

In Australia, the 86 GT was recently named 2012 Car of the Year by Drive as well as its Performance Car of the Year. It also won the People's Choice award.

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