RAA Approved RepairerRAA strongly recommends the services of RAA Approved Repairers... and at Jarvis, all our Service and Tyre Centre locations are RAA Approved Mechanical Repairers!

You don’t have to be an RAA Member to have your car serviced at an RAA Approved Mechanical Repairer, but knowing that Jarvis Service and Tyre Centres are RAA Approved will give you real peace of mind. This is because to be an RAA Approved Repairer, Jarvis Service and Tyre Centres must guarantee workmanship, maintain a fair pricing policy and agree to follow the RAA Code of Practice for their car service category.

As an RAA Approved Repairer, Jarvis must also maintain standards in equipment and qualifications to remain accredited.

Jarvis Service and Tyre Centres are regularly audited by RAA to ensure we continue to maintain their standards.

Why choose Jarvis as an RAA approved repairer for your car service?

  • We will charge you a fair price for the work we’ve done.
  • We won’t charge you for work that hasn’t been done or isn’t needed .
  • All customers are treated with courtesy & respect.
  • Jarvis has been judged by the RAA to have the required knowledge, skills & equipment to perform repairs at a high standard of car service.
  • The RAA conducts regular audits to ensure that we maintain the high standards required to be and remain an Approved Repairer.
  • Above all, Jarvis wants to do the right thing by our customers and keep them coming back, as well as keep our RAA Approved Repairer Status

Jarvis is a people driven company, focused on providing an environment which creates loyal, satisfied customers and staff.

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